First, we will remember certain characteristics of our products, which differentiate it from an usual product, especially as regards the possibility of returning it, so we must take into account these characteristics to understand our return policy: a. Intangible and non-transferable value b. Exclusiveness c. Listenable and probable before your purchase d. Confidentiality Once we have specified these characteristics, we will proceed to show the two situations that we can find when a refund is requested:

1. General conditions of return

  • Due to the characteristics of the products that we offer, and protecting us in that the buyer has the possibility, to listen as many times as he wants the song, and he knows exactly what he is buying, we can not offer the return of the products, since due to his nature, if the product goes through other hands that are not the final customer, they would lose all the value they have, seriously affecting the seller, unfairly.

2. Protection against fraudulent sellers

  • This case is different, and we take it very seriously. We take all possible security measures, identify all the sellers and analyze all the material that is uploaded to our platform, but even so, sometimes, we find fraudulent sellers who develop practices that go against our terms and conditions. In these cases, our response is immediate, and we position ourselves in favor of the buyer, returning the full amount of the payment.

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