1. General

  • 1.1 Custom service is a contract between seller and buyer.

  • 1.2 MGM will able to take action and moderate in each custom service, as well as determine about issues and problems from that custom service.

  • 1.3 MGM has the right to mediate, coordinate, and manage each order.

  • 1.4 MGM is not responsible of fraudulent actions, made by third parties through Custom service.

  • 1.5 MGM is not responsible of differences between advertise services and received services through Custom service.

  • 1.6 All the process of realizing a custom service, must begin and finish on MGM website. Any part of the process that takes place outside of MGM, will be cause for penalization and cancellation of the custom service and user account.

  • 1.7 Custom service are sent from the conversation page.

  • 1.8 Custom service is an offer of seller, through MGM.

  • 1.9 Custom service are defined by the seller with the exact description of the service, the price and the time expected to deliver the service.

  • 1.10 The producer is committed to fulfill all that offered in his shop.

  • 1.11 The producer must (or try) meet the deadline determined by him.

  • 1.12 Buyer and seller must read and accept the FULL compilation of terms and conditions, of which this agreement is a part.

  • 1.13 Services provided through Custom SERVICE must follow all the same points from MGM complete terms and all its agreements.

  • 1.14 Custom services may be cancelled by MGM when: (1) final delivery time exceeds 40 days; (2) the service is without update more than 15 days; (3) when user and seller are working outside the MGM marketplace.

  • 1.15 The cancellation of the service , may means: (1) remove user accounts; (2) freeze or cancel payments;

  • 1.16 All the clauses of the "Upload agreement" are included in the Custom service. Therefore, this contract is understood and accepted as an annex to the Upload Agreement. Using this service, you accept and ensure that you have read the Upload agreement.

2. Custom service works

  • 2.1 The buyer must make a payment at the beginning of the order from 50% of the total price, this payment is irrevocable, without return options. Only we will refund this payment as an exception when the producer don't display correct behavior in the order (a long time for feedback, low quality work, etc).

  • 2.2 In case of complaint, by either party, we will resolve in favor of the affected.

  • 2.3 The seller will receive the payment when the client accepts for finalized the track. If the buyer finally don't like the final result of the service, he (buyer) will be able to reject the order. In this case, the seller will receive only his commission, deducted from the 50% paid for the client at the beginning of the order.

  • 2.4 When the buyer starts with an order, if the first demo don't like him, he has the right to hear a second demo (rejecting the first demo heard), regardless of the updates suffered by the chosen version.

  • 2.5 The seller has to activate the box "Available for receiving custom orders" in order to receive orders and will have to disable it if he isn't available to realize them.

  • 2.6 If the producer has activated the "Available for receiving custom orders" box, he has the responsibility to place the order as agreed in his shop, otherwise, his account could be frozen, penalized or banned for the irresponsible use of the platform.

  • 2.7 The seller has the right to cancel the order if the customer doesn't respond within 20 days.

  • 2.8 The seller would have the right to cancel the order if there is no satisfactory development during the service: the customer doesn't cooperate, there is no understanding between seller and customer or other situations. The case would be reviewed and approved by My Ghost Market together with the seller.

  • 2.9 The seller will be able to reject or cancel the order for any reason. In that case, he will not receive any payment.

  • 2.10 The Buyer will be able to reject the order for any reason. In that case, the 50% advance payment, won't be refunded to him.

  • 2.11 When the seller offers a service, this implies that the quality of his service must be similar to his ready items or demos shown in the marketplace.

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