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Where can you find resources for your music productions?

Being a music ghost producer is all about creativity and being able to produce a wide range of EDM styles and genres. More often than not, producers can draw inspiration from a new sample, loop, preset or even from a ready to use vocal.

Sometimes a single one shot sample can lead to a full made track, so it is important for producers to have a way of getting all the musical resources they need. In this blog post we will go over some websites, where you can find samples, loops, vocals and everything else you might need to start producing.

1. Sample marketplaces:

This is an obvious choice as these websites include sample libraries, as well as plugins on a subscription basis and some even integrate with the most used DAWs to offer online backup and online and offline collaboration. The most used websites are Splice, NI Sounds and Loopmasters. In order to use Splice, you will need to purchase a monthly subscription plan that gives you a set number of credits that you can use to buy samples, loops and presets. All audio content on the website is royalty free, so you should keep in mind that it is possible for other producers to use the same samples as you.

2. Ghostloops:

If you are looking for a source of exclusive loops Ghostloops is just the website for you. Get exclusive loops together with all of their rights, so you can create a completely original song from scratch. Buying exclusive samples guarantees that you will end up with an original piece of music and nobody will have used the same loop or sample as you. Also you become the sole owner of any loop you buy so you do not have to worry about clearing these samples. You can check out the Ghostloops page by clicking here.

3. Ghostvocals:

If you are tired of listening to tracks with the same exact royalty free acapella Ghostvocals has the solution for you. Or perhaps you are looking for exclusive vocals but you cannot hold a proper recording session for that, or maybe you do not know any vocalists at all. With Ghostvocals producers have the option to buy original vocals without having to worry about finding vocalists and whether they are reliable or not; where to record; who mixes the vocals, sharing copyrights and royalties. You can check out the Ghostvocals page by clicking here

Jul 23 2021
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